TypeScript integration can't find WeatherLayers Client typings


WeatherLayers Client typings are exported as a separate named export with exports syntax.

  "exports": {
    ".": {
      "require": "./dist/weatherlayers-deck.min.cjs",
      "import": "./dist/weatherlayers-deck.min.js",
      "script": "./dist/weatherlayers-deck.umd.min.js",
      "types": "./dist/weatherlayers-deck.d.ts"
    "./client": {
      "require": "./dist/weatherlayers-client.min.cjs",
      "import": "./dist/weatherlayers-client.min.js",
      "script": "./dist/weatherlayers-client.umd.min.js",
      "types": "./dist/weatherlayers-client.d.ts"


After WeatherLayers Client is imported with import * as WeatherLayersClient from 'weatherlayers-gl/client', TypeScript reports that the module weatherlayers-gl/client can't be found and TypeScript integration doesn't work.


Check your moduleResolution in tsconfig.json.

Since TypeScript 5.0, there is a new value bundler, which allows covers exactly this case and should be compatible with modern development stacks.

Since TypeScript 5.2, this value is required.

See for details.

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